How to Safeguard Your House While on Vacation

You’ve already made a hotel reservation at one of the prime vacation spots in the Philippines. The luggage, sunscreen, passport, bathing suit, straw hat, shades, and any stuff that tells you’re going on a vacation are already packed. The shuttle or your car is fine tuned to withstand long hours of journey. Your mind and body is set on vacation mode.

What else you’ve missed? Or let us say, what will you left behind while you’re building a sand castle? It is none other than an obvious property, your house or apartment. Remember when you’re on a holiday, the burglars will surely be around to ‘play’. Make sure you will leave your home with a peace of mind by following these tips below:

Lock all the doors and windows
This is a simple task but we tend to forget when we’re excited to get on our journey. Cut some slack and triple check every window and door in the house. Even those located in the top floor should not be missed.

Ask a neighbor or a friend to lookout your house
The often taken for granted key to home safety is befriending your neighbors. This is a give-and-take practice though, that when your neighbor asks you this kind of favor, you should return it as well.

Guise your house as if someone is home
Closed curtains and an eerily quiet dark house are sure signs the place is unoccupied. This is a giveaway to criminals after two days. What to do about it? You may slightly open the curtains but conceal the flat screen T.V. or anything could tip off the crooks. Install lighting timers that switches on and off based on your daily schedule.

Invest on security or alarm systems
Only if you can afford it, else, you can buy fake alarm stickers and display it in front of your house. Even so, nothing beats the real thing because aside from the wailing alarm, hidden cameras could serve as a reliable eye witness as well. Plus, there are systems allow you to monitor real time via your smartphone or tablet.

Discreet or disguised safes
A common lock safe with its keypad exposed is a burglar’s main target. Fool crooks by hiding your valuables in not so ordinary “safes” such as milk cartons, hardbound “books” on shelves, floorboards on the stairs, or a box of innocent cereals. They even could walk over it by making one of your tiles of the floor hollow right under the living room carpet.

Never upload while on vacation
Many of us have an awful habit of posting what is happening on our daily lives in various social media accounts. This is heightened during holidays because we’re having the best time of our lives and our happy trigger fingers could not help but share it on Facebook or Instagram. Be aware your friends are not the only ones who browse your posts as it could attract thieves, too. Think before you click. Brag about it online once you get home.

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