What to visit and do in Iloilo

Packed your things, booked a ticket and searched for affordable hotels in Iloilo because this will be a great trip. Let’s go to the heart of the Philippines, Iloilo City. Let’s see what Iloilo offers to her visitors.

  • City Gallery – Have a short glimpse of the city’s historical and cultural heritage in this Gallery. It is located in the City of Hall of Iloilo. Everyone is welcome to enter the gallery.
  • Calle Real – Take a step to the heritage street that showcased the remarkable past with its old buildings.
  • Museo Iloilo – The most visited tourist site in the province. The museum houses Iloilo and Panay Island historical treasures – a home of art and history.
  • Camina Balay nga Bato – Indulge yourself with taste the Iloilo’s native chocolate at Camina Balay nga Bato.
  • Arevalo Handwoven – Wear and see the Hablon, a hand-woven product. Hablon is established as textile center in the Philippines.
  • Barquillos – Try and experience the taste and how barquillos are made. It is one of the delicacies of Ilolilo. The original barquillos can be found in the De Ocampo’s Biscocho Hous.
  • Magnificent Churches – Visit the magnificent churches in Iloilo, the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, Sta. Ana parish Church, Santo Nino del Arevalo Parish Church and San Jose de Placer.
  • Ilonggo’s seafoods and cuisine – Taste the native chicken inasal, delightful seafood and other local delicacies of the province.
  • Iloilo River Esplanade – Have a break at Iloilo Esplanade, one of the popular tourist destinations. Enjoy the view of the river.
  • Iloilo Dinagyang Festival – Be part of annual festival in Iloilo, the Dinagyang Festival. It is the way of Ilonggos to give honor to their Saint, Sto Nino. Experience the colourful, enjoyable and exciting festival and best tourism event in the country. The festival is held every 3rd week of January.
  • Regatta Festival – Showing Iloilo’s craftsmanship. The largest sailboat event happens in the Philippines. The event held every February.

Are you ready? You should.

Share your Iloilo experience with these places, foods and festivals.

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