Cebu’s best of the best delicacies

Cebu is a place for fun, history and festival. The province are known on its annual festival happen every January, the Sinulog Festival. Aside from wonderful history, events and exciting adventures, Cebu houses delicious delicacies.

Below are some of the delicacies you must try when you visit Cebu.



This biscuit is present in any a sari-sari store all around the Philippines and can taste it for only Php6.00, but if you want to try the original sweet toasted biscuit visit Cebu City. It is one of the local and best delicacies originated from the Province of Cebu. It is considered as one of the most favorites meriendas of Cebuanos, Local and even Foreigners.

danggit Cebu


Danggit is one of most popular dried food in Cebu. You must try this dried fish or danggit when you visit the province. The fish is best for breakfast with spiced vinegar dip. To have some, visit the Tabo-an market. It houses different kind of salted dried fish.

lechon Cebu


Many enjoy eating rosted pig all over the world. In the Philippines, Cebu has a tastiest and delicious Lechon. It is flavoured in different species no need for sauce. And its crispness last for the long hours.

dried mango Cebu

Dried Mangoes

Mangoes are seasonal that’s why Cebu find a way on how to enjoy mango even it is out of season. Cebu created a dried mango, a chewy and sweet snack. It tastes like a fresh fruit, no need to feel and bye to yellow stain.

rosquillos Cebu


A sweet ring-shaped biscuit that anyone would love. Titay’s store is the original distributor if rosquillos. Try this delicious biscuit!

Planning to visit Cebu this Year? Book at Summit Circle Cebu Hotel and taste the best of the best delicacies in the province. Don’t forget to bring them home.

What’s your comment about the food listed above? Share it with us!:D


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