Extra Special and Offbeat Hotel Requests


Mandaluyong hotels or any hotels in the Philippines are rated based on their quality of service. Around the world, the hotel rating system most travel websites and private institutions implement are the five-star system and the Diamond standard. Some rely on reviews by travelers posted on online forums.

What factors do these travelers consider to be able to rate the hotels they’ve been at? Is it the friendly staff or the welcome they’ve received upon their arrival? Or how the concierge accommodated and fulfilled their “special” requests?

What is the job description of a concierge?

Merriam-Webster online defines it as “an employee at a hotel whose job is to provide help and information to the people staying at the hotel.”

In short, they are the “genies in the bottle” who say “your wish is my command” once you get on their good side.

The requests a concierge receives according to Smarter Travel are making restaurant reservations, getting theater tickets, dry cleaning, ironing, and transportation assistance. These are basic, mundane, and typical requests. Very basic.

The hotel staff sometimes must go an extra mile or two for the happiness of their guest. Even the requests that make you scratch your head and pop-out your eyes, they sometimes entertain. But once they are able to accomplish such feat, the results will surely make your jaw drop. Requests that will make you think twice and wonder if they’re just joking or dead serious.

Whether the list below is myth or real, we’re not sure. But you will surely rate a whopping 5-star because of the level of weirdness each request has. This is in no particular order because we can’t decide the oddest of them all. Maybe you could help us rate them. Read on:

  • One Ilama, please = this one is from Grand Del Mar in San Diego for the purpose of giving a friend a clue where is their next destination. You guess it right. Peru.
  • Penguin accommodation = at Seaport Boston in Massachusetts, a guest requested for 20 pounds of ice. Is this to quench his thirst or for a beach party? Nope. These pounds of ice are for his penguins which stayed in the suite’s bathtub.
  • Flamingos galore = pink flamingos are mostly found in gardens or backyards of American homes. But a hundred flamingos scattered in the tub, bed, and desk of your suite? Wicked. This is a request from the Broadmoor.
  • Unicorn welcome = if only it is a unicorn-themed welcome, the staff of Hotel Indigo in North Carolina would gladly oblige. But the guest requested for a living and kicking unicorn. Sadly, we’re not in an alternate fantasy universe, so they’ve purchased a stuffed unicorn instead.
  • Goat milk bath = it was rumoured the late Cleopatra bathed in milk and a guest from Savoy Hotel in London wants the same Nile luxury. Talk about specifications. The 30 bottles of wild gold milk which costs £50 were bought from Wales, a £600 ride.
  • Penguin meeting = okay, a hotel at Massachusetts already did this. However, like the “Unicorn Welcome”, this request from Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii was declined. Penguins in Hawaii? Are you kidding me?
  • Chocolate statue = a delicious but very complicated request from an Australian couple at Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York. This is to create an almost life-size chocolate statue of the couple for their wedding.


Yup, these things did happen.


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