5 Places to Best Feel the Modern Ambiance of Shanghai, China

Being China’s largest and wealthiest city, Shanghai’s modern city is a spectacle of itself. From breathtaking skyscrapers to its state-of-the-art public transportation and entertainment hubs, Shanghai offers a futuristic atmosphere to anyone staying at the city’s vacation rentals.

To get the most of its modernistic feel, we listed down the best places where you can experience Shanghai’s advancement.

Dine with a nice city view at The Oriental Pearl TV Tower Revolving Restaurant

Address: 1 Century Ave, LuJiaZui, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi

Oriental Pearl TV.jpg

Enjoy a large buffet of Chinese and Western cuisines while enjoying the skyscraper view from The Oriental Pearl TV Tower Revolving Restaurant. The said restaurant is the highest in Asia, boasting a height of 263 meters. Thru the transparent glass, get a nice view of the city as the restaurant revolves for two hours.

Uncover new discoveries from Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Address: 2000 Century Ave, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi

Shanghai Science.jpgShanghai Science and Technology Museum is one of the city’s finest, boasting its two million visits annually. The Pudong-based museum is simply the largest of its kind in China, offering tons of fun interactive multimedia exhibits and contemporary science theaters. The place is also teeming with scientific achievements and exhibits on space travel and robotics.

Enjoy a ride at the world’s fastest train—the Maglev

Address: Longyang Rd. – Pudong International Airport


The magnetic-levitation train best represents Shanghai: state-of-the-art and fast-paced. The Maglev departs from the international airport, traveling at 430km/hr and covering 30 kilometers in just 8 minutes. If this amazed you, it is actually because the train project is really meant to impress visitors.

If you want to experience the Maglev, single-ride tickets cost 50yuan. You can also check out the Maglev Museum at the 1st floor of Maglev Longyang Road Station to learn more about the prestigious project.

Take a stroll at The Sky Walk—the world’s highest observatory

Address: 100 Century Ave, LuJiaZui, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi

sky wall.jpg

From your China vacation rentals, travel to The Sky Walk, the highest observatory in the world. Gaze as the Chinese metropolis gets filled with wondrous lights at night 474m aboveground. The Sky Walk is located on the 100th floor of Shanghai’s World Financial Center, the fifth tallest building in the world.

Be amazed at the Shanghai Circus World spectacle

Address: 2266 Gonghexin Rd, Zhabei Qu, Shanghai Shi (Ticket Office)

shanghai Circus World.jpg

Combining traditional Chinese arts and modern technologies, the Shanghai Circus World offers a spectacular show to its audience. Witness as highly skilled performers take the stage harmonizing traditional dance, martial arts and acrobatics with state-of-the-art special effects, weaving a masterfully done story about Chinese history, culture and civilization.

Shanghai’s rich modern culture is one of the reasons why tourism in China is booming, with almost 60 million foreign visitors annually. If you’re planning to visit the third best tourist destination in the world, book a vacation rental now and enjoy your stay in the city of Shanghai.


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